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Chairman Wishes




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Chairman Wishes

Chairman Resume
Alisa, A Singapore-Chinese, famous in the field of education for preschool children, with 30 years of teaching experience, who graduated with her major at Pre-school Education and founded her first kindergarten in 1991.

Chairman Wishes
As a general idea of Singapore Saying goes, “Money can be re-earned if lost, ticket can be re-bought if lost, but it is over if passport lost.” Passport represents personality and nationality. Whenever I think of the saying, it arouses me to think about preschool education with a new insight, which is to guide kids reach their potential by education and take care of their health and harmonious personality with love. Kids are our future and hope. IEC is to provide superior preschool education and help them bright from their beginning of life.

Not only does IEC take building up an outstanding education brand as its responsibility, but also IEC take helping kid form wonderful personality as its goal. Based on the concept, which is to take in more good methods of preschool education and to train a new generation, IEC advocates HEALTH, CONFIDENCE, THOUGHTFULNESS, AMIABILITY, COOPERATION, and SELF-DICIPLINE.

Chances always go with challenges, so do challenges and hopes. Having been developed for a couple of years, IEC becomes more and more powerful and energetic. Following the globe and international path of education, people in IEC always remember education mission, which is to provide better education service to parents and society with efficiency and meticulousness. We take action to help kids have bright future!
I always tell IEC kids: “Today, you are proud of IEC; tomorrow, IEC will be proud of you!”


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